Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonds in Amino Aldehydes.

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Amino aldehydes have been included in this study (FWF-project P6856) to give a deeper insight into the factors that govern the structure of amino acids. The idea was to compare three different C_3 systems:


Only the first two, 3-aminopropanol and beta-alanine, can form intramolecular N···H-O hydrogen bonds, whereas the latter two, beta-alanine and 3-aminopropanal, have an amino- and a carbonyl group in identical positions. In combination, the results for all three systems should clearly identify the respective influences of the N···H-O hydrogen bond and the carbonyl and/or amino group. This approach was so successful, that 3-aminopropanal remained the only amino aldehyd in this series.

Highlights of the results of 3-aminopropanal are presented on the next page, followed by a comparison of this compound with beta-alanine. Each page contains several illustrative pictures of relevant conformers. Although most of the information is contained in the text, so that a text-only browser is basically sufficient, these pictures will help in understanding. Therefore, if your browser can load pictures, you might want to turn that option on. The bottom of each page provides links for forward and backward browsing and, in the center entry, an interface to the literature data base of the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. Activation of this interface produces an up-to-date list of publications and theses that relate to the specific topic.

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